Futurescape Technologies: Simplifying Property Management with Secure Real Estate Technology

Rabinder Sharma
Managing Director/CEO

Advancing technologies are completely reshaping the real estate landscape. The use of innovative technology in this domain helps reduce costs, offers hassle-free management and saves time. Customers' main expectations from a solution provider are data security, a seamless transition from conventional methods to implementation of advanced solutions and efficient management of processes and lodged complaints. Disrupting the brick and mortar business based models, Futurescape Technologies, headquartered at Maharashtra, caters to the housing society, facility management firms, audit firms and residents or occupants alike, with its state-of-the-art and innovative CHSONE product, an automated management solution, that simplifies monitoring and management, mitigates security risks, is easily deploy able, and caters to the occupants’ needs on time. “In today's times of high concern to data security, we have kept the data security as our highest priority. The occupant's details are secured with three layers of security,” reveals Pradeep Singh, CTO at Futurescape Technologies.

Incepted in 2010, Futurescape with its select team of industry rich profesionals designs and develops secure and automated management solutions that ensure that monitoring, assessing and managing of data is simplified, error-proof and occurs in real-time with least human interference, thereby drastically reducing the operation cost.

Riding on the wave of digitization, the CHSONE platform eliminates the manual processes of data entering. As a member commences the process of registration within the application, the solution automatically captures the data and systematically builds the entire database that can be easily stored and retrieved upon request. The application is available in web interface as well as mobile. Pradeep adds, “We ensure that the complexes subscribing to CHSONE
go online and live within the shortest period of time, by configuring the complex details using an easy to operate setup wizard.”

" In today's times of high concern to data security, we have kept the data security as our highest priority. The occupants details are secured with three layers of security"

Another bottleneck encountered by property managers is the effective handling of complaints and issues. Adopting a customer-centric approach, the CHSONE has been meticulously engineered to automate complaints and assure issue management where the manager can simultaneously keep track on a selected part of the housing complex that demands the delegation of staff to resolve any issue and the progress of the work assigned can be tracked accordingly.

Pradeep Singh

With data security as one of its core values, Pradeep goes on to explain the company’s firm belief that data security plays a pivotal role in any enterprise entity and therefore the applications proffered are programmed in protecting enterprise data and information to the highest level with a three layer of privacy control. Each complex is hosted in a private independent database that is isolated from others with privacy protection at a complex level where each member is facilitated with his/her own privacy control.

Ahead of the growth curve, Futurescape envisions leveraging trending technologies to continually release cutting-edge solution modules at a periodic level. Pradeep, revealing their latest addition to their product portfolio, signs off on a positive note, “The one that coming right up is VIZLOG, which is designed with the vision to provide premium level gate security, visitor management, vehicle movement tracking and parking management.”