mApartment: Offering Affordable and Simplified ERP Solution for Society Management

Sandeep Srivastava

Managing a society is similar to managing an organization and hence it requires an ERP system to handle the resources judiciously and carry out its various processes smoothly. However, residential societies cannot afford ERP systems to handle their society. Also, the service providers like shops, restaurants and pharmacies nearby any residential area who provide home delivery services to residents do not have any lead generation mechanism. As a result, the residents use a multitude of applications and platforms to get their job done. Hence, there is need for asingle window solution with a simple user interface accommodating all features to facilitate every user in a society. AppCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is addressing this challenge for real estate business through its single window solution - mApartment. The company is providing a responsive application designed for every stakeholder in an apartment like welfare committee, society management, residents, and apartment employees. The company has currently set its base in Faridabad and Delhi NCR region with approximately 7000 to 8000 users.

mApartment is a Web and Mobile app (Android & iOS) cloud based software on SaaS model for handling the facility management services of Residential Societies as well as marketplace for small
entrepreneurs. Talking about enhancing the utility factor of the application, Sandeep Srivastava, MD of the company says,“After a loT of R&D, we found out that the existing applications available in the market have implemented a lot of features but are very complex in terms of UI. To simplify this, we have designed and implemented a very simple UI and UX so that anybody can use it.”

The application serves as an affordable ERP solution for the society. mApartment provides a solution for n number of routine services needed by apartment dwellers. Right from handling complaint management, parking management, and domestic helper attendance management, the solution also enables them to make payments for medicine, grocery and even the electricity bill. Apart from resolving daily apartment issues for residents, the application also acts as a platform to generate revenue for its users who are service providers. Srivastava elaborates, “Application users can market their products or services through the application portal to reach out to potential customers. And they can do so in a cost effective way.” Leads can be raised for nearby shops like restaurant, grocery shops, pharmacy, doctors, pathologists, property dealers etc.

The application also incorporates beefed up security mechanism to ensure safety of the residents. Its panic alert facility helps residents raise alarm to inform security, neighbors and call out for help in case of emergency. Security being a key concern there is a separate security module to keep track of domestic workers, parking management and visitor management. The company uses AWS EC2 server and maintains a very high level of data security.

For its future endeavours, the company is looking at providing services in the overseas market. Additionally, the company is in the process of adopting Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies to further strengthen its software.