OyeSpace: Reimagining Security with Innovation

CIO Vendor The first phase of real estate technology development was primarily focused around listing services for the residential properties. This has paved the way for industry leaders to broadly reconsider how technology can make their lives better. But real estate is a sector that has created immense wealth without changing its workflows or processes for many decades. Hence, there is a predisposed lack of urgency to upgrade the good old tool belt. In the Indian context, a considerable number of Indians have redefined their needs and expectations with changing work, lives and environmental needs.

OyeSafe is an exquisitely crafted yet, innovation powered Physical Security Solution applicable wherever there is a security requirement

Bengaluru based OyeSpace was born out of such needs that could remold and innovate several propertybased components. With an innovative approach, OyeSpace introduced a Holistic Security Management System to ensure guards manning homes and offices, and a Finance and Accounting system along with their current portfolio of Comprehensive Property Management bolstering customers’ faith and conviction further. The innovative streak to reimagine and optimize this space thrives on Feedback to Feedforward. Such crucial customer-centric approach has been made possible through MLbased predictive models. These predictive models have been integrated for Maintenance Collection at Apartment Complexes
based on historic spending patterns - improving fund management. With the power of AI, payment to vendors is ensured while also providing apartment management committees to have a better say in the pricing. With better pricing grip, value for money paid by residents is improved by an average of 30 percent-a stark difference from other similar players.

Providing Unmatched Safety
While innovation and customercentric approach remain anchored, OyeSpace is further positioned to be the leader in the Real-estate sector by leveraging cutting edge technology in safety, payment and many more. The array of offerings includes OyeLiving, OyeSafe, and OyeBespoke. While both OyeSafe and OyeLiving are for the Global audience, OyeBespoke services are opened to India only which is later slotted for services in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

OyeSafe is an exquisitely crafted yet, innovation powered Physical Security Solution applicable wherever there is a security requirement. OyeSafe under OyeSpace has introduced salient features viz., Automatic Drones Patrolling, Walkie-Talkie, Biometric based validation, advanced Child Exit, Automatic Vehicle Number Recognition, QR based Guest Invitation and Approvals, Over-Staying notification for vendors and many salient features. OyeSafe is designed to be used at Offices, Gated Communities, Apartment Complexes, Factories, and Malls. With an increased need to buy homes in gated communities, OyeSpace has proved to become the go-to solution of such people.

Meanwhile, OyeLiving has been designed to focus on delivering the best value for money paid towards maintenance of gated communities and apartment societies. OyeLiving as per the lineage of the organization delivers AI powered Automatic Invoicing, Automatic Vendor Payments, Intelligent Projections, and more such features to ensure that the payment made brings the best value for money paid.

Sunil More Shivaji Rao, CEO & Founder, OyeSpace, sums up the spirit and vision of this company, stating that, “The vision encompasses to build and deploy full spectrum innovative solutions in Real Estate management, helping the customers their most deserved peace of mind while seeing appreciated property values, making OyeSpace synonymous with Property.”