Cloudsteer’s Property Strength App : Revolutionizing Real Estate Industry With Automation

CIO Vendor Real estate industry is witnessing a challenging time with severe cash crunch, mounting inventory and drop in sales. Market cycles like these separate the competent professional companies from those who are less competent. Realtors who leveraged world class technologies are still experiencing robust growth with ready-to-use cloud based CRM & ERP applications. Stakeholders are employing a three pronged strategic approach comprising automation of real estate sales & collections processes, engaging the customer capturing every lead along with appropriate nurturing. Due to the recent policy changes and government regulations Real Estate development has transformed to become a professional branded product’s business, which was earlier running only on land bank, connections, money and muscle power.

Property strength is a simple and agile plug-and-play realtor’s end-to-end prospect to customer lifecycle management cloud software application that has successfully catered to a myriad of well-renowned organizations

Developers who are now focussed on quality products timely delivery, customer centricity, transparency are building a strong brand name in the industry and growing well. However, traditional players that are reluctant about changing legacy systems and processes are not only struggling in business but also facing legal and criminal charges.

Some of the primary drivers for a widespread improved CRM adoption are the complete provision of required project’s units availability status with detailed pricing information, streamlining processes in a better manner, optimized customer service with 360 degree view of complete history, impactful marketing and lead management, improved collections, smoother execution and handover process, thus increasing the effectiveness of the team. However, this trend of adoption is still in its nascent stage as the real estate industry still struggles with its legacy CRM systems and conventional processes that act as deterrents. A vast majority of this sector is still looking at how to efficiently manage leads, improve the conversions of bookings and collections for better fund flow, cut down the time of the pre-sales cycle, reduce delivery time and be more transparent to the customers or channel partners. These needs can only be met with the right solution provider.

CloudSteer Technology, headquartered in Singapore, addresses these needs of the industry with its intelligent end-to-end application that is a plug-and-play solution specifically designed for real estate developers Property Strength. Dhiraj Pratap, CEO at CloudSteer Technology Pte Ltd. is a veteran and global pioneer with 19 plus years of experience in the cloud computing industry. Dhiraj has been engaged with and other cloud leaders since 2000. Engaged in global CRM implementations in almost every industry and country, made CloudSteer’s management realise that the standard CRM is not successful in the real estate industry. Even if developers invest on expensive enterprise level CRM & ERP, it eventually fails in adoption and providing the outcome that the management expects. Dhiraj says, “Primarily there are two reasons. One is that the ground level sales agents aren’t inclined to use a CRM as it results in transparency and answerability versus the current channel partner sales processes, for which no pre sales efforts or direct leads visibility is there. The information is not put in the system and any system is as good as nothing if there isn't appropriate information into it. Second is that the users claim, it increases their work versus helping them sell or service better.” Gaining this experience, Property Strength is built on the world’s #1 platform with embedded Salesforce. com platform licenses. The reason why this app became very successful in the industry is that it is built based on three fundamentals. First, automation of inputs without depending on users to enter information. Second, give users what they actually need to do more business versus just policing them for leads and service micro management. Third, is what Dhiraj Pratap calls “sophisticated simplicity”, extremely user friendly easy to use system at a reasonable overall cost saving.

In order to achieve any success in this sector, real estate developers need at least five to seven different robust and dependable enterprise level applications; one needs a good enterprise level CRM, enterprise level ERP, a telephony system needs to be put in place, documentation management system, and engagement platform for brokers and customers.

Combined together into one single platform that is extremely user friendly is what forms Property Strength. This results in considerably reduced costs in contrast to the case wherein users previously individually invested in the aforementioned applications ended up dealing silos of information with added implementation efforts, integration challenges and perpetual skyrocketing costs with no promise of the desired result post implementation. Property Strength is a simple and agile plug-and-play realtor’s end-to-end prospect to customer lifecycle management cloud software application that has successfully catered to a myriad of well-renowned organizations such as Godrej Properties, Mahindra Lifespaces, Oberoi Realty, Hiranandani Group, DLF and Piramal Group’s Peninsula Land.

This novel cloud platform can be leveraged by clients for effortless management of marketing, prospects enquiries, sales team, bookings, automated collections and bookings life-cycle changes, interest, collections, possessions snag lists and flawless client service with 360 degree single page view of customers. Being on platform enables Property Strength to always be ahead with latest global technology which is compatible not only with all browsers but also mobile and tablets devices be it Android or iOS. The application boasts of an extremely user friendly UI that translates to an increased ease of use with better engagement and flawless business process controls and validations.

Prior to Property Strength, most of the enterprise customers were using one or the other highly customized enterprise level CRM, few of them were using’s SalesCloud and Service. Upon reviewing Property Strength customers like Godrej Properties and Radius Developers moved from standard to Property Strength built on platform. Realizing that Property Strength does ten times more than just lead, cases and opportunity management along with considerable financial savings on technology on both CRM and ERP side.

Being RERA compliant, this feature rich app offers a gamut of advantages with its deployment. Two of the key advantages post its implementation are access to a holistic view of the customers with complete financials and availability of information related to the amount of business generated from each individual advertisement with real-time ROI calculation.

Dhiraj informs us of the current market positioning where sales teams are not accustomed to managing leads, are not answerable to lost sales or doing any additional work.Coming to the fore, Property Strength has been developed to ensure the automation of enquiries capturing without any user inputs.

Ensuring Seamless Communication
Revolutionizing the realtor industry, embedded within the platform are various modules one of which performs call management with its virtual call centre. “Our virtual call center not only takes care of marketing and planning but is also the only app that gives you real-time visibility of cost per lead. I, personally, have not seen any such app in the world and my experience is global after having worked in the US, Singapore, UK , Europe and across Asia,” says Dhiraj.

With the Virtual Call Centre App, our clients get full visibility of the pre-sales or service request calls being handled by the call centers even if they are outsourced. This means, at the click of a button, the client can get 100 percent visibility of their leads and the conversations that the agent has had with those leads. “Our biggest strength is our industry expertise with perpetual innovations and upgrades, always keeping us ahead of our competition. We recently came up with a Virtual Call Center plus app which is an advanced version that also helps in doing transfers or conferencing within Salesforce, enabling automatic creation of any object's respective record. This is also helpful for client servicing where a service request is automatically created in the system. When a client calls up, his booking is already identified, tagged to that service request, a 360 degree view of that client is displayed in front of the agent taking the call and he can easily address all the questions in real time.” informs Dhiraj. The sales team is not expected to micro manage anymore; the system itself schedules reminders and escalations and ensures that none of the leads are ignored.

Staying Abreast of Trending Technologies
Believing in continuous innovation, the CloudSteer team of certified experts ceaselessly work at releasing platform upgrades every three to four months making the user technically always ahead of its competitors.

Along the path of technological advancements and building its portfolio of offerings, CloudSteer is gearing itself up for the future and are currently working on several innovations that are scheduled for release in the near future.

Revolutionising the way people are engaging with their channel partners and the way channel partners are working with their prospects and customers, the company envisions launching its app called PropYantra which is an end-to-end CRM for real estate channel partners or brokers that will be engineered to assist real estate developers in channel partner engagement with automation of complex processes.

In conjunction with this, the team is working on a customer engagement app. With the ubiquity of smartphones and the technological breakthrough of the internet, the team aims to stimulate customers to take on a self service approach. This shows promise of transparency with customer-centricity. Customers can now even upload their documents and download any ledger or statement of account or any invoice while using this module. Customers can also view the construction status. “A lot of service requests have come down with whoever has started using the customer engagement module. This way you can build loyal customers as most become repeat customers,” adds Dhiraj.

Bridging the Digital Divide
Some of the notable trends that witness a lot of engagement between channel partners and customers on a host of messaging platforms are WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Messenger and Chatbots. But this trend still has to catch on in India. CloudSteer intends to launch a messaging app that connects business software to all the world’s messaging channels. An addition to Property Strength, the app will have AI built-in that could be configured, drastically reducing the intervention of humans. The app could be used to set reminders, schedule SMS blasts, conduct customer service and send across channels for improved sales and collections. This will change the way the industry is working and engage customers as well as channel partners in a much more refined and more connected manner.

Simultaneously, a designated team of innovators are testing and developing a digital marketing feature as an add-on within Property Strength. “With this app, you can organize simultaneous management of the social media platforms where your ad words and your digital body language of each and every prospect are captured and are visible to you in the CRM. So, you will be able to track exactly which prospect visited which projects or websites and what did he download. This will bring an end to the typical cold calling giving intelligence to pre sales team” reveals Dhiraj.

He tells us how the lead nurturing process of developing a strong relationship with the buyer at every step of the sales journey plays a key role in achieving success in this industry and how it is missing. Keeping this in mind, the company is working on the automation of loan approvals that forms a critical component in this journey. The team is currently running a big data integration with the world’s best credit platforms. The intent of this is that when a buyer is on the lookout for a property, it will automatically give an approval of a particular amount of loan based on big data and AI capturing integrated within the app.

In addition, CloudSteer is concentrating its efforts on building a module of complete book keeping, eliminating the need for the involvement of any third party software at all.

Superior Levels of Customer Satisfaction
Founded almost a decade ago, CloudSteer has worked with a gamut of well established organizations over the years that strongly vouch for the company and its services and solutions being successfully executed and implemented.

Radius Developers, a real estate development and construction company headquartered in Mumbai, is one of the many companies that have deployed CloudSteer’s Property Strength. Saureshwar Bannerjee, IT Head at Radius Developers says, “Our adoption for CloudSteer was almost instant. In fact we went live with CloudSteer’s Property Strength in two weeks of us acquiring the license. We were able to upload our data and start the actual implementation within two weeks of time.”

Having worked with CloudSteer as well, Jayantt Manmadkar, CFO at Mahindra Lifespaces adds, “The difference between the that I get from Salesforce directly, and from CloudSteer is something which is what I want to develop is already developed on Property Strength. While the platform is there, enablement is there, the confidence that we get in CloudSteer and we have been dealing for almost four years, is absolutely phenomenal. That is one differentiating factor for us. And we are very happy about the decision that we took.

Joining the list of satisfied clients is Satyanarayana Kasturi, CFO at Peninsula Land, Ashok Piramal Group as he adds, “CloudSteer integrated the entire legacy data and information of Peninsula Land by deploying their unique technology driven solutions, Virtual call center and Property strength. A world class modern cloud call center was set up without the need to deploy any hardware and software. We now have a seamless management of end-to-end data, sales pipeline tracking, remote access, collections and commission forecasting, and management of confidential information.”