Meraqi Advisors: Empowering Real Estate Investors with Strategic Advisory and Investment Management

CIO Vendor Real Estate investing, despite its ability to provide high returns, has emerged as a complex decision making process with a number of challenges that need to be overcome in order to avail its benefits. Demanding a high degree of knowledge, market intelligence and insights, the ability to understand metrics as well as predict the profitability of a deal, the entire process can be both immensely complex and time-consuming. As a result, a lot of investors today hesitate to venture into this arena owing to these complexities, the risk factors involved as well as the lack of transparency in the transaction process.

Moreover, each investor, with their unique requirements of ROI and risk appetite, also encounter challenges when it comes to dealing with too many scattered and unverified options, handling the involvement of intermediaries and the lack of adequate market awareness. The industry today is therefore in need of investment management services to help investors better navigate the intricate real estate market and make the best decisions in alignment with their investment objectives. Perfectly understanding these demands, Bangalore headquartered Meraqi Advisors Pvt. Ltd steps forward to address them as a strategic real estate advisory firm that focuses on turning its clients’ investment ideas and objectives into successful ventures.

At Meraqi, we believe that every investor has a unique requirement and objective in real estate investment and our solutions are customized to address these needs.

Founded in 2017, Meraqi was formed with an aim to help transform real estate ideas and possibilities into concrete reality for its clients. With a wide range of real estate investment options and solutions curated by expert professionals, the company follows a personalized approach in hand holding clients through the rigorous process of selection, negotiation and the final closure of transactions. “At Meraqi, we believe that every investor has a unique requirement and objective in real estate investment and our solutions are customized to address these needs,” affirms Gorakh Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director. “Moreover, our research and analytics is driven by a thorough understanding of the macroeconomic conditions and an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, which in turn helps us offer synchronized solutions,” he adds.

As a part of its expansive portfolio, Meraqi provides end-to-end real estate services to investors, owners and developers that include Investment Management, Capital Markets, Transaction Services, and Advisory, Valuation & Due Diligence Services.

When it comes to providing Advisory, Meraqi’s services are designed to help investors turn potential opportunities into a strong financially developed program. Backed by a robust research team, the company’s Development Advisory Services benefit clients through providing accurate market information, adapting appropriate analytical methods, identifying trends and forecasting the market outlook. “Our role typically starts at the stage of concept development and progresses into advising clients on the most effective solution as well as identifying, engaging and collaborating with partners to achieve the highest value on the project,” explains Gorakh.

Additionally, as a third-party consultant, the company also assists clients in their property valuations through offering independent appraisals to help mitigate risks in a project. Data accuracy, realistic market driven assumptions and the usage of appropriate methodologies as per the nature of the project are the cornerstones of the company’s valuation services.

Having rendered its real estate services to a large number of fund houses, major developers, investors and corporates across the industry, Meraqi has emerged as a trusted name in the real estate domain. Moving forward, the company intends to use innovative and differential thinking as well as new technology to enhance its operations and bring more solutions in the upcoming future.