Mini Homes: Providing Investment Advisory and End-to-End Real-Estate Services

CIO Vendor Purchasing a new property can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Since there are multiple factors and procedures involved in the buying process, property buyers and investors should make diligent decisions before investing in properties. Therefore, property buyers today are not just looking for financial advisors and real-estate consultants with an international brand name, rather they are looking for consultants with market knowledge, endto-end services and wide network who would help them in making the right decisions.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Mumbai headquartered Mini Homes - an investment advisory and an exclusive project marketing firm specializing in the real estate sector provides all its stakeholders with end-to-end services, ensuring a seamless transaction of properties.

Mini Homes focuses on making the investment portfolio of home buyers and investors larger. The market knowledge, professional team and network are the key enablers of the company and through its wide reach, the organization enables developers and the largest real estate groups to grow their businesses. Through its knowledge acquisitions that the company has acquired from conducting several research studies on realty markets around the country, Mini Homes acts as a revolutionary one stop shop for investors and property buyers.

By using the most time-sensitive real estate news, market analysis and property buying guide and by personalizing the buyer’s property search, Mini Homes aids buyers to make smarter and informed investment decisions. The company has been focusing on reshaping the way property buyers and investors search and compare various properties. This way, Mini Homes helps property buyers and investors in making fast, intuitive and unbiased property choices.

Being one of the leading real estate consultants, Mini Homes offers its clients a number of services in the core areas that include strategic consulting, portfolio restructuring, asset management, distress property acquisition, valuations, agency services and project marketing. Providing
its clients with tactical and strategic solutions has been the guiding principle of Mini Homes.

“Our vision is to expand our operations globally and cater to HNIs in the country and outside the country,” begins Varun Bagla, CoFounder & CEO, Mini Homes.

“I believe in teamwork and partnerships and think that a fist is stronger than a finger and it is the people that I invest in. Therefore, we have handpicked excellent and experienced professionals for our team,” he adds. The company also offers best career opportunities with best salary packages.

Category ‘A’ Developers
The company is very keen in providing the best and right kind of properties to its buyers. Therefore, when it comes to the off-plan properties, Mini Homes works with the best category ‘A’ builders by identifying and shortlisting these developers based on the credibility, reputation, track records in terms of completion and their construction quality.

Our vision is to expand our operations globally and cater to HNIs in the country and outside the country

Mini Homes helps corporates obtain the estimations of their properties and sell them through auction process. When there are multiple property buyers who want to buy the same property, Mini Homes conducts private bidding so that corporate can obtain best prices and transparency in the buying process.

“What most real-estate consultants think is that they would be powerful when they work as individuals. But we feel that we would be more powerful when we join hands together and work as a team,” adds Mansi Bagla, Director.

“We as a company are open for technological innovations and new ideas and believe the digital space is and will be a more important part of real estate in times to come,” concludes Varun.