PNS Corporate Services: End-to-End Solutions under RERA from Registration to Completion of the Project

CIO Vendor There have been some significant and noticeable changes in the Real Estate sector since the Real Estate Regulation and Development (RERA) Act coming into effect. It has reduced malpractices and restored stakeholders’ faith and confidence by promoting transparency. However, builders and promoters are still falling short to comply with the rules framed by RERA, thereby limiting their projects from obtaining registration under RERA. An independent survey also reported that more than 80 percent of building projects fail to meet initially committed deadlines, which is a critical element in RERA compliances.

We have optimized processes and template based work flow and act proactively to mitigate delays in compliances

With the help of RERA consultant service provider, builders and promoters can implement RERA into actual practice, be aware of the RERA’s complicated laws, obtain a swift RERA registration and also mitigate risks. Keeping one’s information confidential, PNS Corporate Services is a trustworthy custodian comprising highly experienced professionals with latest and hi-tech office equipment’s. PNS not only backs builders and promoters in obtaining RERA registration for their projects and mitigate delays in compliances but also provides end-toend
solutions under RERA, which makes them a compliance guiding light throughout the life-cycle of the project.

“We have optimized processes and template based work flow and act proactively to mitigate delays in compliances. We also try to strictly adhere to the committed deadlines and provide support on the various queries via one to one meetings, emails or calls to meet the compliance requirements in time,” highlights Chetan Joshi, Senior Executive, PNS Corporate Services. Moreover, PNS inspects all marketing material as an agreement/contract between the stakeholders to comply with the regulatory authorities and minimize the impact of future litigation.

Strengthening Cases Factually and Analytically with Legal Advisory Services
PNS also provides the right professionals for promoters’ legal proceedings under RERA, and helps in strengthening their case factually and analytically with proficiency. Admissible services are also presented to the promoters and allottees to safeguard their interests and rights. Furthermore, they not only escort in proper approach for filing or replying to the accusations but also make competent lawyers available to act as a vanguard on behalf of the clients. “We have our associated panel of lawyers who would surely make a thorough case of the clients to minimize the legal implications,” adds Chetan Joshi.

Orchestrating Workshops to Familiarize Organizations with Knowhow of RERA Act
PNS also orchestrates workshops for managers and staff of Real Estate companies. They act as an informational body which educates companies about the implication of RERA Act into the day to day working of organizations and urge strategic team in the organization to design and implement protocols for marketing of project to avoid noncompliance of the RERA Act and Rules. Moreover, legal team in the organization is also made aware of incorporating the clauses within the framework of RERA while entering agreement/contract with their customers to avoid future litigations.